Berkshire CBG Flower 3.5 Grams Premium 15.44%

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2 years ago

Organic. Fresh.  Slow cured. Hand trimmed. Lab-tested.

White CBG is loaded with trichomes giving it it’s trademark “frosted appearance”. White CBG is a great daytime strain delivering a clear calm with almost zero total THC.

  • Major Notes: Lemon, cheese, and tropical fruit
  • Terpene Profile: b-Caryophyllene and a-Pinene

This CBG strain is perfect for all-day round use

Brand Berkshire CBD
CBD Strength 3.5 Grams
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company There is a lot of talk about terpenes lately and for good reason. You can often instantly tell the holistic quality of a flower by how robust the terpene profile is. Meaning, a strong and complex aroma to the flower generally points to some interesting things going on in terms of quality and potency. Terpenes are becoming more widely recognized as major players in the specific qualities of an individual strain, particularly when it comes to their therapeutic aspects. The interesting thing, and the reason that terpenes can be such an indicator of quality, is that terpenes are the first thing to suffer when a cannabis plant is cultivated, processed or cured incorrectly. That means that, even with premiere starting genetics, there is no guarantee of a finished quality terpene profile without excellent quality control standards at every step of the process. That is one of the reasons that we invest so much time to ensure that the terpene profile of our flower is preserved at every stage o
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