Broad Spectrum CBD VS Full Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD VS Full Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD VS Full Spectrum CBD:

You Need To Know The Difference

CBD is just one of the beautiful therapeutic compounds produced by cannabis. Our all natural organic CBD comes from the heartlands of CO where hemp can grow in the ideal conditions and thrive with pesticide-free treatment. The lush hemp flowers are harvested at optimal times, and the potent plant cannabinoids are extracted using practices that exceed pharmaceutical and food grade standards. This initial extraction results in a product called full-spectrum CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains a rich phytocannabinoid profile, delightful and aromatic terpene compounds, nutritional flavonoids, plant esters, and more! Each of these medicinal components occurs naturally during the growth process of hemp and cannabis, and when taken as a dietary supplement, they work smoothly together to ensure the health of the body and happiness of the heart.

Perhaps the most important of these potent plant factors are the cannabinoids. CBD, THC, and CBG are all examples cannabinoids. But, it may interest you to know that there are over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant! Each cannabinoid is captured delicately in the extraction process leaving a “full-spectrum” extract behind.

Here’s the important takeaway. All hemp naturally contains a minuscule amount of THC. It is still related to the high-THC cannabis varieties known as marijuana, after all. For hemp to be distinguished from marijuana, it must contain under 0.3% THC by dry weight. Low-THC plant varieties have been growing and flowering for millennia, and they can’t get you any more intoxicated than a 0% alcohol beer. This doesn’t change the fact that a measurable amount of THC does get carried into a full spectrum extract.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD can be seen as “full-spectrum CBD without the THC.” To make our signature broad-spectrum CBD we use natural methods to separate the THC from the rest of the extract. This creates a 100% THC free product that can be sold freely and ingested without concern. The low amount of THC found in a full-spectrum is healthy, but it is still illegal to distribute THC in the U.K. As you can see from our recent third-party lab-test results, our broad spectrum CBD oil and supplements contain undetectable levels of THC. There is no way that these products will cause you to fail a drug test, and you could drink a whole gallon of our CBD oil, and you wouldn’t get a buzz.

Note: we do not recommend the testing of this gallon theory.

What Products Can Contain Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD can easily be added to just about any type of product. This wonderful extract can be added to the classic CBD oils and edibles, but they can even be infused into vape oils, coffees, and teas!

You can find many products that contain broad-spectrum CBD in our catalog. There a few exceptions, however. We have chosen to use CBD isolate in our e-liquids and many of our topicals. These products contain 99.9% pure CBD. This might sound like the golden ticket to the medicinal benefits of hemp, and for many it is. But, just remember that a broad-spectrum of cannabis compounds creates a synergizing effect that can help CBD revitalize the body and mind. We advise our clients to try a variety of products to discover which one suits their individual needs.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil VS Full Spectrum CBD Oil: The Truth

Always purchase from a reputable manufacturer that carries broad spectrum CBD, not full spectrum. If they are stating that there is 0% THC in their full-spectrum product, then they are likely running a scam. If they are selling full-spectrum products without a 0% THC disclaimer, well, then you may just be buying a controlled marijuana extract. Full-spectrum THC-free hemp does not occur in nature or in cultivation. Broad spectrum CBD must be handled further to remove the THC content, making it just one compound shy of a full extract