Everything You Need to Know About the Use of CBD Isolate Powder

Everything You Need to Know About the Use of CBD Isolate Powder

CBD or cannabidiol is the talk of the town. Wherever you look you can find a CBD manufacturer advertising their latest CBD invention and its benefits. As this industry keeps growing the uncertainty of product quality keeps increasing. With an ever-increasing number of competitors in the market, you need to know everything about a product if you are to make an informed purchase.

CBD isolates are by far the most synergetic CBD product. They can be used in a variety of ways. Pure by composition and perfect by measure, CBD isolates are the founding pillars of many CBD products out there. Whether you are a baker or somebody who owns a shop that sells CBD cake. You would want to have the most potent and purest CBD in the market.

What is CBD isolate?

In layman’s language, CBD isolate is the crystalline form of pure CBD. It is a powder that contains 99% pure CBD elements. It is the pure segregation of CBD from all other naturally occurring elements.

Terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential oils are removed to produce the purest CBD isolates. The key to producing the best isolates is the extraction process. If the manufacturer follows state of the art techniques to extract the purest CBD, you are sure to get the purest CBD isolates.

How is CBD isolate made?

Like any other CBD extraction process, extracting CBD isolate starts from extracting the best seeds. Manufacturers that are responsible know how to select seeds for specific products. For making CBD isolate, one should opt for CBD dominant seeds.

Once sown, harvesting them at the exact time is the key. CBD rich plants need to be extracted at the right time. A little early and you might get weak isolates and a little late and your isolates might turn out to be too dank.

Since CBD products are used for medical purposes, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to harvest CBD at the right stage. For the initial extraction, CBD dominant plant parts are cured and kept safe.

CBD is extracted from these parts by using the CO2 extraction technique. Many manufacturers use their processes. Why did we refer to this particular extraction process is because this leaves no residue after the process?

Once extracted from the plant parts, CBD and other organic compounds are in the mix. Terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll and other cannabinoids are also present. Your manufacturer wants to remove these to get pure CBD to isolate.

This starts with purifying the extract thus formed after the CO2 extraction technique. All plant material that is filtered out of the extract gets filtered again to ensure that no CBD is wasted. This forms an oil like element at the end.

This oil is put through a winterization process where all the remaining residue is put to waste. This process removes any natural waxes or other plant material left.

It is the removal of lipids from oil. Lipids are fatty acids that need to be removed for a pure isolate. The number of fatty acids present depends on the extraction method used. Cold ethanol and BHO extraction pick up a moderate amount of fats while CO2 extraction leaves almost none.  

Once filtered thoroughly, the extract is then crystallized with the help of a classic chemistry apparatus. Upon crystallization of the extract, it is ground crushed into a fine powder.

Voila! What you’re left with now is a 99% pure, crystallized CBD extract. And this my friends is called CBD isolate.

Why CBD isolate?

A very common question that might occur is “Why CBD isolate?” Well as we all know there is another dominant compound in cannabis called THC. This psychoactive compound causes the infamous ‘reefer madness’ effect.

CBD isolates are pure CBD extract that does not contain THC. They don’t even contain the permissible amount of 0.3%. There is a chance that the CBD products you use right now might contain trace amounts of THC.

There is a large user base that demands nothing but CBD. They want to use this cannabis compound without the effects of its family of organic compounds. CBD isolate is the most perfect solution for these types of users.

It gives you nothing but CBD. The purest form of CBD yet. As the name suggests CBD isolate is CBD isolated.

It offers all the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC. For people who are sensitive to THC, CBD isolate is the solution for them. Military service members, police officers, emergency responders and sportsmen who cannot afford to fail a drug test should use CBD isolate. They can avail of the therapeutic stress relief without failing a drug test due to THC in their system.

Ways to use CBD isolate

Buying CBD products is easy. Learning about them is the key. And using them appropriately leads to the expected relief. Countless first-time users have had bad experiences just because they did not know how to use their CBD.

CBD isolates is a crystalline form of CBD that ready to use. It is easier to accurately measure your doses. CBD isolate does not have any taste or odor so that helps. Below are the best ways to use your CBD isolate:

Directly use it:

Placing CBD isolate powder right under your tongue is the easiest way. Measure your dosage and place it under your tongue. Hold it for about 60 seconds and you will notice your CBD isolate melt away.

The isolate will directly administer CBD in your bloodstream via your mucus membranes. Since CBD isolate has no taste or odor it should be a pleasant experience. And depending on the potency of your isolate you can expect the effects within a few minutes.

Creating your own CBD product:

A prime reason for CBD isolates being so famous is that they can be mixed with practically anything. You can also infuse your CBD in a carrier oil such as MCT Oil, grapeseed or olive. You can mix it with drinks or food to make the best of your CBD isolate.

An important thing to keep in mind is that CBD loses its potency at high temperatures. Make sure that you are mixing your CBD at temperatures less than 350-degree Fahrenheit. Do not cook above 400-degree Fahrenheit.

It can also be mixed with skin topicals of your choice. CBD is effective for treating muscle spasms and inflammation in your body. Applying it with a skin topical will also serve your purposes.

Mixing with your morning smoothie or juice:

Health freaks have all kinds of morning routines. You can have your own CBD morning routine if you wish. CBD isolates can be mixed with your morning juice or smoothie. Make your everyday juice or smoothie a better way to start your day. Add a little bit of CBD isolate.

CBD coffee or tea:

Suppose you just came back from the office and it was a tough day. You are planning to drink your favorite tea or coffee to ease out and relax. CBD isolates can be mixed with that.

Just add a little bit of your CBD isolate and forget your worries. It mixes well with tea and coffee. Being the purest CBD isolates does not change the taste of your tea but gives you all the benefits of CBD.


CBD isolate is for the pure seeking individual. It is ideal for starters as it has no mixed compounds in it. A gram of CBD isolate will contain 990 milligrams of CBD. For every one gram of powder, you get one milligram of CBD. This is a potent dose for users. Hence CBD isolate is the solution for people seeking to avail of CBD benefits without the high. Easy to dose and 99% pure, CBD isolate will help you get better faster than before. Hope this helps. Comment your take on CBD isolate.