Full Spectrum Oil Is The Hidden Medicinal Treasure. Here Is How?

Full Spectrum Oil Is The Hidden Medicinal Treasure. Here Is How?

You never know when you can fall ill. But if you follow and know nature well. Probably you may be able to keep yourself healthy. With a little proactive approach, you can remain safe throughout. Let’s see what you can do.

Prevention itself is the biggest cure. If you won’t jump to synthetic medicines on the first instance, you are not allowing harmful chemicals to harm your tissues. So test your own immune system for healing(Of course, until the situation is not serious). Next, turn to nature to heal. Nature offers innumerable therapeutic plants which are very effective in different ailments.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of these plants and their benefits to a great extent. It is the reason why they are called the hidden treasure. The hemp plant is one such treasure.

Why Do We Call Hemp Plant A Hidden Treasure?

Treasure is something which can transform your life. In the medicinal world, something which is able to cure you without any side effects is similar to a treasure.

Hemp has got various medicinal compounds such as

  • Multiple cannabinoids positively affecting your endocannabinoid system – some of them are Cannabidiol(CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), and Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Flavor, scent, and color providing terpenes
  • Water-soluble plant pigments which are known as flavonoids
  • Essential vitamins like A, C, E, complex B vitamins (niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin)
  • Life-essential Minerals,
  • Fatty acids,
  • Protein,
  • Chlorophyll,
  • Fiber

Wow! So many therapeutic agents that can provide relief to you without bothering your other organ systems. We will put our point now why together they can act as a treasure. Hidden because we never had so many funds to research on it. Let’s put it this way. But fortunately, governments and researchers are understanding the potential benefits. So we have got many scientific kinds of research to back hemp and associated products.

Introducing Full Spectrum Oil

Let me ask you. Do you like curry made with oil and tomatoes only? Or you’ll relish tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, spices, cucumber curry with all that healthy stuff? A similar story is here. The full spectrum CBD oil is the whole plant extract of hemp whereas another version is CBD isolate that contains cannabidiol primarily. So with full spectrum CBD oil, you’ll enjoy all the medicinal benefits related to different compounds.

One more thing is worth discussing here. Cannabinoids are a great team player. They create a greater effect together in comparison to CBD alone. It is called the entourage effect. We’ll discuss that sometime later.

Some of our readers may also be concerned about the legal issues too.

The Legal Aspect

According to the 2014 farm bill, the use of hemp CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. But while traveling to other countries please check the rules related to the land you are visiting.

Having said that, let’s find what makes full spectrum CBD oil a shining healing star!

The Benefits Of Whole Plant Hemp Extract(Full Spectrum CBD Oil)

The presence of different cannabinoids working synergistically amplifies the positive effects on your body. A full spectrum CBD oil comparative study which was done in 2015. In this study, it was found that the whole plant hemp extract with many compounds and other cannabinoids was more effective in pain management than CBD alone. This is the reason why many manufacturers are producing whole plant extracts for commercial purposes.

The whole plant hemp extract may be able to solve these problems possibly by entourage effect.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

The combo of different cannabinoids can help ease your digestive disorders like vomiting and nausea. This was established by a nausea CBD oil study. In this study, it was found that cannabinoids may be able to control nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients.

Anxiety Disorders

The use of cannabidiol has been found to solve many anxiety issues. Though a small anxiety is normal for survival, excessive anxiety, fears, and stress can cause multiple psychiatric disorders. The anxiety CBD study suggests that cannabidiol can offer a potential treatment for different types of anxiety disorders.

Neurological Disorders

Cannabinoids can be of great help in various neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. It may be due to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and the modulation of multiple brain biological targets such as receptors and channels involved in the development of neurodegenerative diseases. This was established in a CBD neurological aspect study done in 2017.

The beta-caryophyllene (BCP) terpenoid present in hemp is found to be good for neuropathic pain management and inflammation.

Reduces Bad Effects Of Heavy Fat Diet

Hemp has got gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in it. This important fatty acid creates a fatty balance in your body with its unique chemical structure. So it may make you safe from the negative effects of a high-fat diet.

Keeps The Heart Healthy

Full spectrum oil is full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. These help you safe from a number of heart diseases.

Repair And Building New Tissues

Hemp oil also has protein in it. With protein new tissues get formed as well as the repair of old ones is also carried out.

Stops Inflammation

The flavonoids like Cannaflavin A and apigenin present in full spectrum oil offers anti-inflammatory effects to the consumers.

Anti-oxidant, Anti-viral, And Anti-cancerous Effects

Quercetin is a wonderful flavonoid found in hemp extracts. With its antioxidant, antiviral and anticancerous effects, it may help treat many injurious disorders.

Final Thoughts

Full spectrum oil offers a complete package of nutrients. From different cannabinoids to terpenes and flavonoids you’ll find everything as a supplement. Please keep in mind that the maximum effectiveness of this oil will depend upon your body chemistry, right dosage and the choice of your brand. Look for organically produced hemp product to exclude harmful chemicals. Plus verify lab test and third-party quality checks before investing in your whole plant hemp extract. If the carrier oil used is coconut oil then it will be of great help for your health. Hope you are convinced with why we called it a hidden treasure.