How to Implement CBD into a Fitness Regimen

How to Implement CBD into a Fitness Regimen

Recent research suggest that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for generating the famed “runners high” when properly stimulated. This “high” is a result of a rush of anandamide (the endocannabinoid that we all produce regularly and whose production is regulated by CBD). You can add CBD to any fitness regiment using capsules, oils or creams, protein bars and topicals are especially important for spot treatment. CBD has been shown to be great for muscle growth and it is also great for regular use in yoga, running, and sports/athletics for metabolic, anti-catabolic and anti inflammatory characteristics.

How to implement CBD into your Fitness Regimen:

Before your workout:

While not as popular as post-workout options, consuming cannabinoids like CBD before a workout can help with inflammation and assist your body in cortisol regulation necessary to achieve optimal results. You can anticipate your eventual need for relief and take advantage of the time-delay onset of edible products like dummies and capsules, or apply creams to areas that are known problem areas during your routine. Having CBD in your system before a workout can also help you avoid painful muscle-cramps.

After your workout:

The most common way to introduce CBD into your fitness regimen is post-workout as an aid in relieving painful aches, cramps and inflammation, while boosting recovery time. If you need instant relief after a high-intensity workout, capable options like isolate and vape pens offer a quick way for your body to metabolize inhaled cannabinoids. Alternatively, transdermal application is great for reducing tissue inflammation and avoids the risks of NSAIDs that can come from frequent use. CBD is often the post-workout intervention with the fewest side effects. Edible options can be helpful after a workout, but their time-delay means that your body won’t absorb them until much later; immediate application or consumption of CBD post-workout is when the body is in recovery mode and benefits can be enhanced and recovery efforts expedited.

Daily Use

Even on days that you aren’t working out, going for a run, hitting the yoga studio, or even moving from the couch, regular CBD use can be beneficial and support your body’s efforts to maintain homeostasis. Think of CBD like a multivitamin that you take once a day. You can take a capsule, tablet or gummy in the morning, or put a few drops in your coffee or water. On days that you’re putting your body through more intensive activities, you can take a higher dose specific to your fitness needs that day. Scientists haven’t found conclusive evidence of CBD’s effects on athletes, but recent studies reinforce CBD’s ability to target inflammation when present in the body, as well as its calming, anti-anxiety aspects which promote deeper sleep and increased relaxation, both shown to enhance muscle growth and expedite recovery.

A few words of advice:

As mentioned, experts haven’t found conclusive evidence one way or the other about CBD’s effect on your fitness regiment, in spite of a surplus of anecdotal support from professional athletes and everyday active individuals alike. Make sure to check your local laws surrounding what CBD products are legal and ask for testing or lab results for any CBD products that you may be considering. CBD can be derived from cannabis and hemp plants, but cannabis-derived CBD remains illegal in much of the world. products use hemp-derived CBD only to ensure that our products can help as many people in as many places as possible.