How to make CBD Coffee

How to make CBD Coffee

Making CBD Coffee – Easy to follow instructions

Making CBD coffee is simple. Infact having CBD coffee barely takes any more time than having a regular coffee on its own.

Making CBD Coffee

Unlike other specialty coffees that require several steps, making CBD coffees is super easy. In reality, there are three steps:

  • Make or buy a cup of coffee 
  • Drop in your CBD Oil
  • Stir 

You can drop your CBD Oil straight in from the oil dropper. One or two drops are recommended to start but the amount will always be up to you and your body.

Our Oils also come in a variety of flavours but Fresh Mint seems to be favourite amongst coffee lovers, which gives your CBD coffee a nice and subtle minty taste. Many customers report a nice calming, relaxing yet focused and alert effect.

Making CBD Coffee In The Blender

If you want, you can add one extra step that might make your CBD coffee taste even better. But it’s up to you—making CBD coffee can be done in just those three steps above.

But this extra step can help with the consistency of the coffee. The CBD in the daily relief Good Vibes is mixed with MCT oils which contains (medium-chain triglycerides). This is a kind of saturated fatty acid—which has numerous health benefits.

But it’s also a thicker oil and you’re mixing that oil with a water-based drink in coffee. So the oils can sometimes rise to the top, rather than mixing in fully.

If you want a fully mixed coffee with CBD, you’ll ad another step or two:

  1. Make coffee
  2. Add chosen CBD Oil
  3. Add in any milk or creamer (or CBD creamer if you’d like)
  4. Mix everything in your blender for 15-20 seconds

You do not need to do this for long, 15 or 20 seconds will do.

What the blender does is break up some of the larger cells in your oil and mix them with the coffee with more consistency. If you want a CBD cold brew, add ice in during this mix and it will come out frothy like a smoothie

Drinking CBD Coffee

There isn’t a different way or style to enjoy your CBD coffee. You should “take” it just as you would without the CBD addition. This includes any additions you may put in: cream, milk, sugar, cinnamon, or anything else.

Do note that the heat in coffee can vary any kind of additive to coffee, including CBD, so you may want to try iced CBD coffee first or a CBD cold brew. But since these too can have variable effects, the recommendation is to drink the CBD coffee as you’d have your standard cup.

If you don’t like your coffee black, you can use a CBD coffee creamer to get the double benefit of CBD’s addition and a milkier taste to your java. Of course, pay attention to the amount you’re putting in if you’re also using a CBD creamer, as you don’t want to double up without knowing it.

The Effects Of CBD Coffee

The after effect of CBD coffee may vary on your first few tries. The variance is from the dosage (or amount) of CBD, as well as factors within the coffee itself.

For your first few times trying CBD coffee, drink it in a comfortable place—where you can sit peacefully whether you’re hyped on caffeine or chilled out on CBD. Once you try, see how you’re feeling and adjust accordingly

“With any herbal medicine, simple advice is to start low and go slow,” Dr. Michelle Weiner advises. “There is a ‘sweet spot’ with CBD based on our individual endocannabinoid system.”

By the third or fourth time, you’ll have an idea of how your body will feel after cup. Keep consistent with your dosage and timing and you’ll see the benefits continue.

Finding The Best CBD Coffee

A challenge we’ve heard from customers is finding CBD coffee. Some don’t have a nice coffee maker at home, so they’d prefer CBD coffee pods or instant CBD coffee. Others don’t make coffee at home at all and prefer to grab on the go.

Finding CBD Coffee Near Me

Finding CBD coffee or a CBD coffee shop near you will depend on where you live, as well as the amount of local businesses that sell CBD products.

Many CBD brands partner with local coffee shops to sell their product. These range from CBD tinctures made to mix with coffee, to CBD infused coffee grounds, to CBD coffee creamers. There’s a variety in the marketplace already and there will be many more products to come.

Still, the best way to get CBD coffee is to buy your favourite coffee—in-store, online, or already made—and mix in a high-quality CBD tincture.

The Best Coffees to Infuse CBD

The most important factor when it comes to infusing CBD in coffee is versatility. How easily can the coffee adapt to what’s mixed in it?

Generally, this means that you want to stick with a basic and natural coffee. Additives might reduce the coffee’s ability to respond to something like CBD. Esquire recently named Koa Coffee, a natural coffee from Hawaii, as its best dark roast, for instance. This would make for a good mix for CBD coffee.

Kona dark roast makes for a great CBD coffee mix

The kind of roast matters too. A dark roast like Koa will be more full-bodied and keep its flavor strong and constant. A light roast tends to have more flavor as its closer to its original taste because it’s been roasted less.

Which would be better for coffee infused with CBD? Well that’s up to you and your tastebuds. If you enjoy both, it may be better to start with a dark roast. The dark roast coffee mixed with CBD will be a closer taste to your regular coffee.

The difference between dark and light roast should not affect the benefits of mixing CBD in your coffee, though. The decision here is more for taste.


As CBD becomes a more mainstream helper for the modern world’s stress, anxiety, ageing, and overload, we’ll keep finding ways to input it into our natural routine. CBD coffee is no different. It’s taking a regular habit of a majority of people and adding an element of daily health.

To see if the CBD coffee mix is the right fit for you and your lifestyle, use one of our high quality CBD oils  to mix with your favourite coffee.

We pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality CBD available, and you’ll see and feel the benefits of our CBD in your coffee instantly.

spectrum THC-free hemp does not occur in nature or in cultivation. Broad spectrum CBD must be handled further to remove the THC content, making it just one compound shy of a full extract.