Smoking CBD Flower? CBD Pre-Rolls Could Become the Next Big Thing

Smoking CBD Flower? CBD Pre-Rolls Could Become the Next Big Thing

CBD Hemp Flower

What is hemp flower and what can you expect?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most popular, naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis plant. This compound has shown a wide scope for medical – and other – research, with numerous innovations being targeted at getting the most out of the product. When someone talks about smoking CBD flower, it is important to make a distinction between this and smoking cannabis flower. Smoking the cannabis flower has been a popular method of consuming cannabis across the world for years.

The main purpose for smoking cannabis in this manner is to feel intoxicated – or “high” – which can also help with some forms of pain and inflammation, giving rise to the concept of medical marijuana. The discussion here, however, is centered on a different type of smoking. There are many ways to distinguish a CBD flower from a regular cannabis flower, and this guide will walk you through the details of this new trend that has emerged in recent times.

What Is CBD Flower?

Before understanding what a CBD flower is, it is important to make the distinction between the hemp plant and the common cannabis plant. While both are different species under umbrella of cannabis, the main difference is that the hemp plant has a higher amount of CBD and the other has a higher amount of THC – the compound that makes you feel intoxicated.

The CBD flower that is being discussed here is actually a hemp flower and usually has low levels of THC, which means that the psychoactive effects that THC causes when you smoke a cannabis flower are almost completely eliminated if you choose to smoke a CBD flower instead.

While many people will think that this defeats the purpose of smoking cannabis products, this is far from the truth. By choosing the CBD flower instead of cannabis flower, you will be able to gain access to the many health benefits that are linked to the product, all in a legal manner.

Rise of the Pre-Rolled CBD Flower

If you are wondering what a pre-roll is in this context, it is simply a “joint” that does not use cannabis strains but has been rolled using CBD flower. This is a hemp flower that does not contain the same level of THC that cannabis strains usually contain, but it does have very high levels of CBD, which has been known to have a positive effect on the health of human beings in multiple ways. For example, it may be able to help you with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and so on. While a lot of research has been conducted in this realm, newer works suggest that consuming pre-rolled CBD flower may help in reducing a person’s cigarette intake with minimal effort. This means that you will be able to wean yourself off the smoking habit, which has a detrimental effect on your health, without even trying.

Can Hemp FLower Help You Quit Smoking Tobbaco?

Pre-rolled CBD flower is relatively new but a number of places that sell CBD tinctures, vape oils, edibles and more may carry these “joints” that can help you kick that cigarette smoking habit. Most people go through phases of anxiety when they are trying to kick the butt, but the pre-rolled CBD flower can help in combating such feelings during this phase.

One study, led by Dr. CJ Morgan, was done with the help of twenty-four heavy smokers each broken into two separate groups. Each of the smokers was given an inhaler along with the instructions on how to use it properly.


The Next Wave of Cannabidiol Consumption?

Over the past few years, a number of companies are looking to diversify and enter the cannabis industry and one particular type that comes to mind is preroll technology companies. There have been instances of these companies tying up with cannabis production units to produce CBD prerolls at a breakneck speed. While this number was relatively low in 2018, it is expected to increase exponentially with every passing year.

The main reason behind this is that the legality is more or less worked out. Hemp is different from cannabis in its most popular form, and with its low THC levels, it has more health benefits than intoxicating effects. With people looking to turn away from tobacco and cigarettes, the herbal cigarette market is getting a boost.

This is exactly where there is an opening for pre-rolled CBD hemp flower “joints” as a tobacco alternative, but this will be discussed in further detail in the next section. Overall, as the popularity of cigarettes falls across the world – especially in the United States – people are looking for alternatives and the many benefits of CBD makes it the likely product to replace this. However, it is important to keep in mind that smoking in any form – beyond a certain degree – will not be good for you.

Can Hemp Replace Tobacco?

Pre-rolled CBD flower is an emerging trend that hasn’t really found its feet across the world at this moment. That, however, does not take away from its potential in the future. But coming to the question of whether hemp can completely replace tobacco, there is a degree of conflicting views on whether it is possible for this to happen or not. While there are some surveys that show the positive effect that smokable hemp has had on people who were trying to quit smoking tobacco, the research isn’t as comprehensive as it needs to be in order for this to be a statement of facts.

This is one of those fields that needs more in-depth research before making any all- encompassing statements, but it is safe to say that people who are looking to wean themselves off tobacco can give prerolled CBD flower a shot to experience the change themselves. With its many benefits, it can cut out some of the main disadvantages linked to tobacco. CBD pre-rolls are not a vision of the future anymore. Many companies across the country are looking to make the most of the federal Hemp Farming Act of 2018 by harnessing the many benefits of the hemp plant – especially its CBD contents – and making it a viable alternative for smoking cigarettes, as more and more people try to kick the habit in favor of a healthier lifestyle.