Try CBG For Healing Angular Cheilitis

Try CBG For Healing Angular Cheilitis

CBG or cannabigerol is the parent cannabinoid rightly called the mother of all cannabinoids as enzymes can convert it into CBD, CBC or THC from their initial acidic forms. This compound provides relief with no mental haziness or euphoric feeling as it is non-psychoactive. CBG has been found to promote neurogenesis or the development of new brain cells even in elderly people. Since neurogenic compounds are rare to be found, therefore CBG has been under immense research. A beneficial compound that is packed with anti-proliferative, antibacterial and fungal resisting properties CBD is undergoing research for its potential to treat IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), Glaucoma, Sleep disorders, Depression and autoimmune disorders like MS as well as for Epilepsy and Dravet syndrome. It can also combat the bacteria strains and also the fungus that causes Angular Cheilitis.

What Angular Cheilitis Is All About

Angular cheilitis refers to the condition where red, inflamed patches are formed inside the corners of the mouth at the point where the lips converge and form an angle. You can find it on a particular side of the mouth or even on both the edges of lips simultaneously. It is also called by different names like perleche or angular stomatitis.

Affected people can suffer from painful cracks, redness, wetness, and occlusion on the sides of the mouth. Angular cheilitis can become chronic and regular in case of elderly people.

Symptoms Related To Angular Cheilitis

Generally, this condition is marked by fissures and encrustations around the edges of the mouth and is found in patients suffering from dental stomatitis and having a habit of habitual licking the sides of the mouth. The primary things that are noticed in Angular Cheilitis are soreness and annoyance within the corner of the mouth. Either one or both corners can be found bleeding, cracked, chipped, scratched, itchy, red, inflamed, scaly, dry, painful and irritable.

At times the lips and mouth experience burning sensations and leave a bad taste inside the mouth. When such irritation intensifies it becomes difficult for you to eat and you lose out on nutrients or may face weight loss.

What Causes Angular Cheilitis

Saliva gets stuck and generates inside the corners of the mouth. After it dries, it causes a crack in the region and you may frequently lick their lips to ease out the cracked skin. The heat and moisture in the corners of your mouth creates the perfect ground for the growth of fungus which multiplies and breeds infection.

Angular cheilitis occurs usually in older people because of the occlusion caused by a dangling upper lip. This results in prominent skin fold causing regular moistening and resultant discomfort due to saliva. Some other reasons for angular cheilitis are a shrinking jawline and dentures that are improperly fitted which causes secondary bacterial and also candida infection. Besides, factors like eczema, nutritional deficiency like riboflavin, iron and vitamin B12 and oral retinoid treatment are also responsible.

How CBG Treats Angular Cheilitis

CBG can treat a host of conditions ranging from inflammation, bladder dysfunction, inflammatory bowel disease and depression besides bacterial infection like angular cheilitis. It assists in the following ways:

Works Like An Antifungal And Antibacterial Agent

CBG is stacked with antifungal and antibacterial properties which helps it to destroy bacterially and candida infection. CBG functions like an antibiotic and destroys the bacteria that grows on the corners of the mouth and causes blisters and swelling.

Effectively Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic patients often contract fungal infections such as angular cheilitis due to the fungi Candida sustaining itself on glucose. In diabetes, your blood has an abundance of glucose which provides a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. CBG improves the metabolism and its anti-inflammatory character helps the immune and cardiovascular system to work efficiently. Further, the lack of inflammation assists in promoting cell growth and facilitates sugar metabolism.

Accelerates Healing For Skin Disorders

CBG aids in treating skin conditions such as redness, swelling, fissures, bleeding sores, itching, burning or blisters. CBG’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial nature as well as moisturizing benefits help in soothing irritation and spurt up the natural healing process of the body. Besides, the antiproliferative and neurogenesis potential of CBG is beneficial for curing and curbing painful skin infections.
Conclusion On CBG For Angular Cheilitis

The emergence of CBG as a powerful remedy with regard to a host of medical conditions along with its pain relieving, inflammation resisting, bacterial and fungal destroying and neurogenesis promoting qualities have made it a highly beneficial compound and a medical miracle.