Ways To Identify High-Quality CBD Oils & Products

Ways To Identify High-Quality CBD Oils & Products

An increasing number of studies have provided greater amounts of evidence that CBD oil can help treat numerous ailments and symptoms. These conditions include a number of childhood seizure disorders and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

However, the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating these conditions depends greatly on the quality of the CBD oil. Unfortunately, some CBD oil products are of low quality.

Consider The CBD Manufacturing Process

The consumer should visit the brand’s website or contact the customer service department to find out how they process their CBD. The acceptable methods of extracting and manufacturing CBD use either organic pharmaceutical-grade ethanol, or a special process called supercritical CO2 extraction.

Ethanol is basically grain alcohol, and using it to extract CBD can remove the toxins and other unwanted residues from the base source plant. When compared to other methods, this particular CBD extraction method results in probably the highest amount of CBD. In addition, the use of ethanol is widely regarded as the safest CBD extraction method for human consumption.

The supercritical CO2 extraction process occurs in an extremely cold environment, during which the carbon dioxide is put under high pressure. The extraction of the CO2 makes sure that the CBD oil remains completely pure. On the other hand, this refinement process needs expensive equipment, and it’s complicated enough to require specialists with the proper expertise.

Both these manufacturing methods entail significant expenses, which are then passed on to the consumer. This is the reason why potential buyers of CBD oil should be wary of cheap CBD. The manufacturer may have kept their production costs down to let them earn a profit at this price point. Their cheap CBD extraction method may have involved the use of dangerous solvents such as butane, pentane, hexane, and propane.

Where Does The Hemp Come From?

It’s best if the CBD oil is only extracted from only for US-grown hemp, as farmers in the country are required by law to get their certifications from state departments of agriculture. US-grown hemp is usually superior to the hemp that’s grown in other countries.

The hemp plant is a hyper-accumulator. It readily absorbs anything that was present in the ground when the hemp was cultivated and farmed. US agricultural soil is widely regarded as rich, which is why US-grown hemp plants are considered better.

The drawback to the “hyper-accumulator” trait of hemp is that it doesn’t just absorb the rich nutrients of the soil. It can also absorb the toxins present in the soil. These then can be passed on to the consumer upon using these particular CBD products that come from other countries.

Hemp grown in other countries may absorb the heavy metals present in the soil there. These heavy metals can include lead and mercury, and these compounds are extremely dangerous to human health. The hemp can absorb these heavy metals and make people sick. It’s an unfortunate but true fact that not all countries are as conscientious at maintaining rich soil as American farmers.

Checking The THC Content

THC is the compound responsible for making people intoxicated. This mind-altering effect is what caused marijuana to be banned in the first place, and it is imperative that the CBD oil should contain as little THC as possible.

The law states that THC content should not exceed 0.3% of the CBD oils. This law is the reason why CBD is generally obtained from hemp rather than from marijuana.  Hemp by its very nature contains very little THC already.

Thus the labels of these CBD oils for the THC level content. It is best if there are independent lab results confirming that a brand’s THC content doesn’t exceed the mandated limit.

With the CBD extraction processes from hem, the concentration of THC should be very low. Still, it’s possible that some brands were unable to process their CBD oils properly, and the resulting CBD oil can still contain significant amounts of the psychoactive THC.

The CBD From The Whole Plant

CBD can come in isolate form, and this process helps make sure that there are no other compounds that can dilute the cannabidiol. Some even proudly proclaim that their CBD oil is “100% pure”.

However, more recent studies have indicated that CBD oil that comes from the whole plant may actually be the better option. This means that the CBD oil can contain not just the cannabidiol but also other ingredients like flavonoids and terpenes. These work in tandem with CBD to enhance the CBD benefits, making these products better than the “pure” CBD oils.

It’s true that terpenes are essential oils that enhance the psychoactive qualities of marijuana. But since there’s minimal THC content, there’s no intoxicating effect to enhance.

Thus consumers are advised to check the label to see if they’re using the whole hemp plant to produce their CBD oils. Manufacturers may use the terms “whole plant” or “full spectrum” to indicate this origin.

Confirm Manufacturer Claims With Respected 3rd Party Verification

It’s important that whenever a consumer buys something these days, they read the customer reviews to see if the manufacturer’s claims are accurate about how good their products are. When it comes to CBD oil, though, consumers need something much more concrete than customer reviews. It’s better if there are laboratory results conducted by highly respected 3rd party watchdog groups.

The FDA itself is perhaps one of those watchdog organizations that consumers can trust. This governmental agency has over the years tested the chemical makeup of various cannabidiol products. They have found that some of these brands offer CBD oil products that do not contain as much CBD as they’re supposed to have as mentioned in their labels.

In response to such failures, the FDA has sent warning letters to these manufacturers so that they will improve their manufacturing process. In 2017, CBD oil manufacturers that received such warning letters included That’s Natural, Stanley Brothers, Natural Alchemist, and Green Roads Health.

The general public should keep in mind that the FDA does not approve of CBD oil manufacturers unjustifiably claiming any medicinal value for their products. If a CBD product makes such claims without FDA approval, it should be avoided. If they’re lying about these claims, then they may lie about the true CBD content of their products.

Final Words

CBD has several potential uses, though studies regarding the therapeutic benefits of CBD oils are still only in the beginning stages. Some studies indicate that it can reduce stress and help treat insomnia. It can help with epileptic seizures, help patients manage pain, and perhaps contribute to cancer treatments. It may even help with acne.

However, consumers do need to make sure that they only buy the high quality CBD oils and products. It’s crucial that the public does not ignore the potential risks of getting low quality CBD oils. It is not just inefficient in terms of time and money. Low quality CBD oils can be a health hazard. 

Buyers must also take the CBD compound in the proper amount. Dosage is important as well, and an insufficient amount of CBD may be as ineffective as taking no CBD at all.