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Sometimes you just don’t want to mess around with added flavors. Go au naturale with Blue Moon Hemp’s Pure CBD vape oil. With overtones of cannabis, This product is ideal for those looking for a simple, clean and natural tasting CBD vape experience.  

In addition to great taste, you can feel confident that you’ll get the best experience from this product. First, this vape oil taps into holistic goodness by using the whole plant—the resulting extract contains 60+ Cannabinoids and 400+ Phytonutrients. Blue Moon Hemp believes in the “entourage” effect, so their proprietary process preserves all of the natural compounds of the hemp plant. What’s more is that this product contains less than 0.001% or “Non-Detectable THC.” Because it takes 22 nanograms of THC to produce a positive test result, it is impossible to fail a drug test using this product. Use without fear of drug screenings!

Get to know what’s in your vape oil. Why mess around with products with harsh chemicals when you can introduce clean CBD vaping into your life. This extract is made from the best hemp plants and processed with accuracy to ensure the highest quality. Using only vegetable glycerin and a bio-based (Non GMO Corn) propylene glycol (70/30) with CBD and natural flavors to ensure high quality.

Flow with the cycle of the moon! Whatever your mood, tailor your CBD experience to your exact needs. This line of vape oils ranges from beginner to advanced use, using moon phase names to match the corresponding CBD strength. Think about it this way: early in the moon phase, lower potency—later in the moon phase, higher potency. This Three Quarter Moon vape oil is an intermediately powerful experience at 300 mg of CBD. This product is perfect for you if you want a well balanced amount of CBD for a fully satisfying experience. 

Brand Blue Moon Hemp
CBD Strength 500MG
Country of Manufacture United States
1100 Park Central Blvd S Suite 2400, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, United States
About the Company Blue Moon Hemp uses the finest Kentucky-grown hemp to produce a wide variety of different broad-spectrum CBD products. From Blue Moon CBD oil tinctures to Blue Moon vape products, we’ve got it all here at, and from how to use Blue Moon Hemp to which product you should pick
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Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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