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If you’re familiar with the award winning Jack Herer strain, you’re going to love that this CBD shatter has a natural tasting quality without any added flavors to mask its delicious taste. For those unfamiliar but ready to try something new, it tastes like spices and pine with hints of woodiness. Thanks to Jack Herer’s special make up of terpenes, it has the same flavor profile, without the intoxicating effects, of the fully loaded strain. 

Terpenes are naturally sourced compounds found in many species of common plants that give plants their smell. Depending on which terpenes are present and how concentrated they are contributes to the reason that plants—say, lemons and rosemary—smell uniquely different from each other. In addition to aromatics, terpenes come bring a whole variety of wellness properties to the table. When combined with CBD, terpenes and cannabidiol interact in a way that raises their combined benefits. It’s like a match made in heaven! This special formula delivers crave-worthy flavor and the beneficial entourage effects you need. 

This product contains a high concentration of CBD. With 480mg of CBD in .5g, expect a powerful effect—ideal for experienced CBD users. CBD Lion’s Jack Herer shatter contains no THC, so you don’t have to worry about failed drug screenings or unwanted side effects either. Dab this shatter using glass rigs or enails. Toxicity may occur at high temperatures, so always dab at the lowest temperature you can (420-600 degrees F) to ensure a safe vaping experience. NEVER smoke on a red hot nail or use high temperatures.

Feel confident in the quality of Jack Herer CBD shatter. CBD Lion produces only high quality products that are extremely safe and free of toxins and unnecessary ingredients—they provide lab test results to prove just how firmly they stand behind their products. Not only is this shatter free of any THC, it’s also gluten free and vegan. It is made with high-quality organic ingredients that are non-GMO, and there is no VG/PG, and zero artificial flavors. 

Ingredients: CBD & Terpenes.

Brand CBD Lion
CBD Strength 0.5 GRAM
Country of Manufacture United States
United States, Mundelein, IL 60060
About the Company This company is dedicated to not only using their vast knowledge to make super high quality CBD products, but to educating their customers and the public as well. It’s a pretty rare find to come across a CBD company, or any other company really, that provides so much transparency into their product. CBD Lion wants you to understand how their products are made, what's in them, and how they might affect you.
I have complied with all instructions listed on https://stockuponcbd.com/how-it-works Yes
Shop Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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