CBDfx Facial Body Cream THC Free – 100mg (30ml)

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2 years ago

The CBDfx CBD cream (pocket-sized) is pharmacist-formulated and 100% made in America. With a combination of high-quality CO2 extracted CBD, white willow bark extract, and caffeine, this cream is perfect for soothing “hot spots” on your body.

Experience the effect of broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil blended with other natural soothing and natural analgesic ingredients, such as menthol and white willow bark. 

You want to apply a high-quality lotion to areas of pain, inflammation, or skin eruptions in sensitive places, such as around your face and neck.

Brand CBDfx
CBD Strength 100mg
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company CBDfx has been around for a while, and for good reasons. To help improve absorption and bioavailability, they use oil that is 100% Vegan and non-GMO, they use Full Spectrum CBD and offer flavors for those who do not like the earthy taste of regular non-flavored oil. USA grown organic hemp is used, only, and can be added to a variety of your favorite foods or drinks or of course orally by drops. The dropper is measured, which greatly helps to determine the amount needed. Thankfully quality brands have followed suit with measured droppers. CBDfx’s gel caps are exactly the same oil you would find in the tinctures but in capsule form. Few great reasons for gel caps is that they are a much easier way to take, carry around, and are beneficial when trying to take the same amount of CBD per day down to the milligram. Our largest organ is our skin, so treating and moisturizing it is beyond important for overall health and well being. Skin balms and creams are also an excellent way to h
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