Pachamama 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Kava Kava 25mg/Dose

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CBD tinctures are typically made by infusing high-strength full-spectrum hemp extracts with 60-70% alcohol solutions. However, this tincture substitutes those extracts with pure Kava Kava. Kava Kava has a ton of benefits such as delivering the synergistic entourage effect that comes from the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the whole hemp plant.

Pachamama is highly regarded as a premium, full-spectrum tincture that adds supplemental ingredients as filler.


Pachamama CBD Tincture Oil Kava Kava Valerian 30ml 750MG Tincture

Pachamama CBD Tincture Oil Kava Kava Valerian 30ml combines full-spectrum hemp extract, calming Kava Kava, and sleep-promoting Valerian. Pachamama extracts its full-spectrum hemp with whole-plant methods to retain all of the plants’ natural compounds. This extraction method ensures each product contains all the holistic benefits of the plant and minimal amounts of THC (0.3% or less). This minuscule amount of THC opens your body’s receptors allowing you to absorb all of the plant’s nutrients.

CBD is one of 100+ naturally occurring cannabinoids identified in hemp plants. While CBD alone is known as a beneficial cannabinoid, full-spectrum products provide the body access to all of the plant’s cannabinoids, so you can achieve a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

All of Pachamama’s full-spectrum products are third-party lab tested every step of the way. This vigilance ensures a full cannabinoid and terpene profile throughout the extraction process. Their hemp is meticulously extracted through a solventless, proprietary processing system so they can offer customers a cleaner and more natural product. A symphony of healing herbs is then blended in all of the full-spectrum CBD in order to craft targeted formulas that enhance desired effects. This blend allows the body to achieve balance through synergy.

You will find that this formula of CBD is extremely effective.

Brand Pachamama CBD
CBD Strength 750mg
Country of Manufacture USA
About the Company This producer uses a decarboxylation system which infuses hot air into the hemp in its extraction process, a crucial step to obtain the best oils from USA-grown organic help. It’s GMO-free, third-party lab-tested and has achieved a constant level of quality and effectiveness. (Cannabinoids don’t occur in significant concentrations in the plant but are formed through the decarboxylation of the corresponding acids.) Full Spectrum is Pachamama’s focus, the most popular of the three types of CBD oil of the three offered-- full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Currently, Pachamama offers 750mgand 1750mg 30mL bottles of premium tinctures. In addition, its products are highly effective--- quality concentrations get the job done. Extremely beneficial for arthritis, joint pain, and soreness, the producer offers highly effective salves.
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