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Swiss based production of high quality premium organic CBD oils, capsules, concentrates & skincare products. Swiss Original Cannabis has been trending in the European market and helps thousands of people all over Europe and United Kingdom. With experienced staff members and customer support, they are able to help you with question you may have about CBD. The company delivers in just 2-3 days to all United Kingdom and rest of Europe. Swiss Original Cannabis has established a name for themselves in the market by having a seed to product concept. Meaning, they own their own farms and production facilities, which enables them to be able to monitor and check every part and stage of the process along the way. They also have their own labroratory where they start the testing of their products and approval of them. After the products have completed the quality check and analysis in their own facility, it is sent to a third party labroratory where it is then tested and under analysis again. When it has completed both stages, it is available for delivery in just 2-3 days for the consumer. Being based in Switzerland, they are among the leaders of the industry and always learning and improving their products and formulas. Swiss Original Cannabis makes people well - not high. Check out their entire selection of products at their website, where you can also read more about how the company started and get answers to many CBD related questions in their F.A.Q section. Get help to find the right product for you: By sending an email or calling directly on the phone, you will be able to get an answer to any question you may have regarding CBD from their experienced customer support service. You can call directly at: or email to [email protected]

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